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About Us

Why THA?

Everyone knows the hockey landscape is changing, so why fold instead of adapting? There are no options like this in the hockey world right now, so when launching the Travellers Hockey Association, dozens of players, coaches and agents were consulted in developing a hybrid hockey system that got the best of both worlds.


- The THA operates independently so no IIHF Transfer Card fees are required which can cost players and teams thousands of dollars. Affordable costs plus unmatched benefits = long-term commitment from staff and players who want to be treated like humans, not a number on a sheet or a team sponsor. 

- The THA mandates all events be no longer than four days, so staff and players with jobs can continue to be involved in the game they love at a competitive level, without giving up 8-10 months of the year. Short stay events mean players do not require work visa's which continually have become very difficult to obtain.

- The THA is not centralized in any country or city, so the event flexibility allows the opportunity to travel the world while playing a high level of hockey. When we say hockey worldwide, we mean it. Who doesn't love that?!

- The THA plans to focus on player marketing and content, which has proved to be greatly valuable in the sports world. From the UFC to the PLL and even Ice Wars, individual player marketing allows each person the ability to generate their own income off of sponsors, donors and partnerships. Why let teams make all the money? 

Picture this: you're a part of a team that appreciates you, understands you have responsibilities in life, bills to pay, but also want to keep playing hockey at a high level. Does making $100 a week in the minors keep you happy? Do you want to keep spending your savings account to play senior hockey for a full season in Europe? If so, no one will stop you from chasing that dream. Although if you want to change the narrative, play in high level hockey games, have the ability to play in senior tournaments overseas and truly get back to the roots of loving the game, then the Travellers Hockey Association is for you, and we can't wait to have you on board!

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